Thunderstorm looming in the blue ridge mountains


















Now for the fun part! The shoot.

My equipment is optimized for portability. It is no exaggeration when I claim that I can do your wedding shots on the AT or do a portrait of your special person when they finish (or start) the trip.


  • Nikon 7200
  • Sony A7III


  • Nikon 10-20MM
  • Nikon 38 MM (DX format)
  • Nikon 85MM (fantastic for portraits)
  • Sony150-600 MM (reach out and touch someone.)
  • Tamron  28-75 MM (excellent all-round lens)
  • Sam Wang 85 MM (good for portraits)
  • and a few more oddballs, like a fisheye.


all my lights can be run without access to the external power.

  • Godox 200 - a fully portable studio flash
  • Led 100W panel (better for animals that may be shocked by the flash)
  • 36" folding light modifier
  • 48" reflector
  • stands etc.

My camping equipment is ultralight (< 15 lbs base weight) so I can go almost anywhere.

After this, you get to look at the proofs.